Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diaper Cakes and Towel Cakes

So obviously I have been neglecting this blog...for 3 years!! Oops!

Anywas, I have decided to just dedicate this blog to my creative endeavors...and anything else I even feel like posting LOL.

Here are some pics of Diaper Cakes and a Towel Cake that I have made over the last year.

These first 2 are of the first diaper cake I have ever made. The inspiration came in the form of an invitation to a baby shower. Our friends were having a 2nd girl, so this was a "dinner and diapers" shower, where you either bring a meal that can be frozen (for the family to eat the first week or so that the baby is home) or some diapers. Well I did not want to show up with just a box of I decided to get creative. I had heard about diaper cakes before, and thought that it couldnt be too I am proud of my creativity so I went for it! Looking back, I feel like the first few I did were a little rough...but here they are :)

I really enjoyed making the diaper cake for my friend Sheila, and I saw that people were selling them online so I told some family and friends that I was thinking about making them to forward a few months and I am commissioned for my first diaper cake to sell! It was for my Aunt Susan who had a friend having a baby...she was my "client" for the next 2 cakes and here they are

I started getting really creative using baby socks and rolling them into "roses" :)
  2nd Diaper Cake I sold:

So this next cake I was a little nervous to make it for a few reasons. #1, it was the first boy diaper cake I had ever made. #2, this one was for someone I knew that worked at Vistakon while I worked there (not family!) and I wanted to impress her so that she would want to spread the word about my mad diaper cake making skills to hopefully drum up some more business. For some reason I was not feeling a blue colored/themed i went with green and was pretty happy with the turnout.

This one I made for my past co-worker, Terry, who had a baby shower to go to.

Aaand here is the only Towel Cake I have made so far, and I am pretty proud of it! I helped my mom host a bridal show for a family friend and I had been wanting to try a towel I did! I can't wait to make some of these to sell. They are a little bit less work, but could probably make a better profit ;-)

So! Those are my diaper and towel cakes so far. I just completed another one for a friend's baby shower this weekend, but dont want to post the pic juuuust in case it might spoil the surprise.

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