Thursday, April 26, 2012


After a handful of diaper cakes and a towel cake...and my creative juices started flowing!

Below are a few of my other "creative endeavors":

This is an "Apple Braid" from a recipe that I found on Pinterst. Oh have I mentioned that I am now a Pinterest junkie? It's ok, I have accepted it and moved on...

This thing was so yummy, and my husband really liked it which is a major plus!

I started making cake pops over the last year as well. The first time I made cake pops, they werent really pops...they were more like cake truffles. I ended up being responsible for my OWN Birthday cake last year, so I decided to be creative and figure out how to make cake pops. These below were for a Breast Cancer Awareness event at my previous work (Vistakon). They are dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate on the outside...mmmm they were tasty.

For Ryan's Birthday last year, his mom asked me to bake him a carrot cake...and since I was on a cake pop kick I made Carrot Cake Pops! They were sooo yummy, and super cute too!

I swar I should buy stock in Michaels, I have seriously spent hundreds of dollars in that store from diaper cakes, to cake pops, to the silk flower arrangememtn I did below. This was around fall time last year and I wanted some decorative color in the house and this definitely brightened things up :)

Here is a little hair "Pinspiration"

I had heard about and seen pop tab bracelets and wanted to make one for FL/GA last year. So I hopped on You Tube for a tutorial and got to making it!

Here is the most recent cake pop adventure. The same shower that I co-hosted with my mom for a family friend that I made the towel cake for, I also made the party favors. Mmm cake pops are so yummy :)

Well folks, that's it for now!

Diaper Cakes and Towel Cakes

So obviously I have been neglecting this blog...for 3 years!! Oops!

Anywas, I have decided to just dedicate this blog to my creative endeavors...and anything else I even feel like posting LOL.

Here are some pics of Diaper Cakes and a Towel Cake that I have made over the last year.

These first 2 are of the first diaper cake I have ever made. The inspiration came in the form of an invitation to a baby shower. Our friends were having a 2nd girl, so this was a "dinner and diapers" shower, where you either bring a meal that can be frozen (for the family to eat the first week or so that the baby is home) or some diapers. Well I did not want to show up with just a box of I decided to get creative. I had heard about diaper cakes before, and thought that it couldnt be too I am proud of my creativity so I went for it! Looking back, I feel like the first few I did were a little rough...but here they are :)

I really enjoyed making the diaper cake for my friend Sheila, and I saw that people were selling them online so I told some family and friends that I was thinking about making them to forward a few months and I am commissioned for my first diaper cake to sell! It was for my Aunt Susan who had a friend having a baby...she was my "client" for the next 2 cakes and here they are

I started getting really creative using baby socks and rolling them into "roses" :)
  2nd Diaper Cake I sold:

So this next cake I was a little nervous to make it for a few reasons. #1, it was the first boy diaper cake I had ever made. #2, this one was for someone I knew that worked at Vistakon while I worked there (not family!) and I wanted to impress her so that she would want to spread the word about my mad diaper cake making skills to hopefully drum up some more business. For some reason I was not feeling a blue colored/themed i went with green and was pretty happy with the turnout.

This one I made for my past co-worker, Terry, who had a baby shower to go to.

Aaand here is the only Towel Cake I have made so far, and I am pretty proud of it! I helped my mom host a bridal show for a family friend and I had been wanting to try a towel I did! I can't wait to make some of these to sell. They are a little bit less work, but could probably make a better profit ;-)

So! Those are my diaper and towel cakes so far. I just completed another one for a friend's baby shower this weekend, but dont want to post the pic juuuust in case it might spoil the surprise.