Friday, April 17, 2009

Wedding Pics part Uno

Some of the getting ready pictures and the wedding party pictures...more to come later!

Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner Pics

I promised pictures, so here they are!

Rehearsing ^^

The guys ^^

My sister, Maggie, and my Dad ^^

My awesome Rehearsal bouquet ^^

My Godfather "Uncle" Watson, me, and my Godmother "Aunt" Sherry ^^

Me and my sissy! ^^

Ryan and me...less than 24 until we were married! ^^

Me, flowergirl Lilli and my sis ^^

Dad and Mom ^^

Ryans parents ^^

Lilli my flowergirl ^^

Lilli, flowergirl, and Fulton, ringbearer ^^

Ryans Granny, sister Jenny, and parents Rick and Judy

Fulton with his ringbearer shirt I gave him ^^

My girls! ^^

Wedding pics coming soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are married!

So since the last post (which I am really not surprised that I have not posted since then because of all of the crazyness!) Ryan and I were married!

April 4th, 2009 a little after 6pm.

I planned on working until March 31st (oh yeah my bday 3/26 fell in that time too haha) but ended up just working Monday of that week. I took that Tuesday all to myself and went shopping for last minute wedding stuff (and not so last minute or wedding stuff haha) and it was really nice to relax and not have to worry about pleasing or entertaining anyone but myself for a couple of hours. Also later in the previous week I started having major anxiety issues (which I am already on medication for anyways) so I had my Dr. call some stuff in that made me feel better :)

So Wendesday I go to get my hair highlighted and trimmed, hang out with my mom a bit to run some errands, go with mom to pick my sister Maggie up at the airport, then home to get ready to go out to dinner and start my bachelorette party!

Megan and Staci had both gotten in that day as well, and they took me out to dinner with Maggie, and Jenny (Ryan's sister and my new sister-in-law!). Then we went to Staci's Mom's bfs house for the Lingerie shower and just to hang out a little bit, and Rachel (Ryan's friend Josh's fiance) joined us as well. Also, the girls decorated me in a "Achelorette" crown (the "B" fell off in Megan's suitcase haha), a veil, and a sash. Theeeen around 10pm the Limo picked us up! It was a ton of fun hanging out with all of the girls and getting treated to a Limo! It was awesome!

Them Limo took us out to the beach bars where we continued my party. It was tons of fun completeing the "tasks" I had to do. Bartley and Des met up with us too.

So the next day on Thursday was my Bridal Luncheon! My Aunt Candi hosted it at her house and it was so lovely. We were greeted with Mimosas and appetizers, then proceeded through a multi-course meal prepared by the caterer. It was soooo yummy! I gave my bridesmaids their gifts (Tote-bags with their names embroidered on it, plus the "pearl" jewelry to wear for the wedding), and everyone seemed to have a great time! Thank goodness that afternoon I got to go home and take a much needed nap :)

So Friday was a crazy busy day! Got up semi early to go get nails done at 9am, went home (mom and dad's house) to get ready to go to another luncheon being hosted by a family friend at the Yaught Club. That was very nice as well! I wish I had gone home for a nap, but instead went with the girls to the Town Center to MAC makeup so they could get done over and learn how to do the makeup for the wedding day. So after that I rushed home and got ready for the Rehearsal and Dinner. This whole day I was feeling really anxious and nauseos and it sucked :( And then having to hurry and rush to pack for the weekend, get dressed and ready to go to the rehearsal, and make sure Ryan has everything he needs for the wedding b\c that would be the last time I would be at the apt until after we got married!

So we get to Le Jardin to start the rehearsal and I really start to calm down and am not anxious anymore and just start to have fun! The rehearsal went very smoothly, and the weather FINALLY cleared up and was actually nice on Friday even though it was not supposed to be. After the rehearsal was done, we all went to Sterlings in Avondale for the dinner! I had a really good time and really like my food (salmon!) even though Ryan and his parents did not like what they had (some sort of stuffed chicken), but the flourless chocolate torte was to die for! AMAZING! So after the rehearsal and dinner crazyness was over, I went back to stay the night at my parents house and we were joined by my Godfather and his wife, so we all hung out and drank scotch for awhile, and I tried to go to bed rather early.

So, my mother waked me up the next morning (Satutday, wedding day!)at about 8:30 with wedding cookies from Edgewood bakery and a mimosa! It was so cute, she said she had to go get wedding cookies b\c it was my wedding day haha.

So I get up and shower and go down to eat the TONS of food that my mother has bought and prepared (wedding cookies and glazed doughnuts from Edgewood bakery, Monkey bread, sausage biscuits, and danishes) and drank mimosas and hibiscus drinks (champagne and cranberry new fave!). Sherri, the lady doing our hair, gets there around 9am and starts on the girl's hair, while Maggie does makeup (it all looked amazing!), and then I went last. So we leave the house around 4pm, get to Le Jardin to get dressed and start taking pictures! I had the best day alll day that day. It was awesome! And I was having the most fun and not feeling nervous at all :)

So as the processional starts (with a few bumps in the music when my sister sings) my Dad comes in to remind me that we agreed to take a shot before he walked me down the aisle. So he pulls out the flask that I gave him as the FOB (filled with his best Scotch no less) and hands it to me for my pre-wedding shot haha. I have the best picture of it and it was so funny!

So Daddy then walks me down the aisle and gives me away to my almost husband! The ceremony was so sweet (and short, yes!), the flowers soo beautiful (and my bridesmaids too hehe), and the weather was absolultely PERFECT! I could not have asked for better weather. After the ceremony, it felt like the rest of the wedding was a blur that went by in like 5 minutes. We got tons of great pictures, got to talk to almost everyone, and even got to leave in a gorgeous Rolls Royce that Megan and Staci got for us.

That night we drove to St. Augustine to stay at a Bed & Breakfast that my co-workers got for us (called the Bayfront Marin House...I definitely recommend it!) which was sooo nice and we loved it! We came home Monday to go open the rest of the gifts, etc, and just be together for a couple of days before returning for work.

So all in all...everything was absolutely WONDERFUL! Although it was completely exhausting too, and I am glad I will only be getting married once!

Married life is great :)

I will post pics later...I have to go get changed for Hip-Hop class!